We Got the Beet


Let me tell you a little story about a woman named Lindsey. Linds is one of my only introverted friends. She is quiet most of the time, but has the sharpest wit that comes out of nowhere. That friend you want around to say something that fills the soul or something so biting that you shake from laughter.

Lindsey and I met through work. I remember asking who the new girl was only to discover she had been working in the store for years as the lead receiver. We met through Erika, and the three of us were regular bringers of chaos.

I feel like our lifelong bond was cemented one lazy summer day when we were all hanging out and got caught in a very rare desert downpour. The three of us huddled up in Erika's car before wandering around the mall to pass away the boredom.

I also remember an epic night at Ace Hotel when Lindsey prevented Erika and me from stupid drunk decisions like taking shots in a stranger's hotel room. She is wonderfully ethereal and dark. She is quiet and wild. She is a truly unique spirit who brings me happiness and love. My favorite memory of Linds was on my 33rd birthday. She came down the mountain and spent the day singing 90s r&b with Erika and me. We sat in the pool drinking beers and reliving our early teenage years. It was one of my top ten moments of bliss. Connection at its finest.

Roasted beet hummus with blue tortilla chips, cucumbers, and rainbow baby carrots

Roasted beet hummus with blue tortilla chips, cucumbers, and rainbow baby carrots

When I think of a dish that represents Lindsey, I think of all the times I rang her up at work for fresh veggies, chips, and hummus. Just like Lindsey, this hummus is complex. It's bold and vibrant! It is earthy and whimsical. Roasted beet hummus (for the lazy just-got-off-work-types).

I didn't do much for this but cut up some cukes and roast a beet. I added a small roasted beet to a container of roasted garlic hummus. Blended it until smooth. Added the juice of two small lemons and salt. A tiny bit of olive oil. Sprinkled it with cumin, paprika, salt, and more oil. Black sesame seeds for garnish.

A toast to Lindsey and the end of inspiration week!

A toast to Lindsey and the end of inspiration week!

When I think of Lindsey, I think of pure joy. I think of how she navigates the world as a dreamer and speaks quietly but with confidence and clarity. I raise an Austin Eastcider's Spiced Cider to Lindsey for inspiring me to feel freedom. Delicious, cardamomy freedom.

Whether we're lying under a giant oak in the middle of Joshua Tree or jumping fully clothed into a swimming pool in the dead of winter, I'm inspired by her love of adventure. And don't get me started on Linds' ability to rap Salt-N-Pepa's "Shoop." Mad SKILLZ. Here's to you, Lindsey! Love you!!! See you at the next gathering in April.