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How to Save $13 at Brunch

In my experience, brunch is a vegan's worst nightmare. Most breakfast foods don't leave many options to navigate your mimosa buzz. One thing that is popping up on menus all over lately is avocado toast. On a recent vacation to Colorado, avo toast was the only non-salad vegan option on the menu. At a whopping $13 for two pieces of bread with smashed avocado and fries, I guess they steeped it in unicorn tears for flavor. If you want to save yourself the twinge of regret I felt, skip the brunch lines and learn to make your own avocado toast. It's the simplest thing in the world.


You might be questioning why I am dedicating an entire post to making toast. Quite simply, I'm trying to dismantle a system of overpriced nonsense. I swear to my almighty self that I shall never pay $13 for toast again! Ahem.

This is definitely not a recipe so much as it is a method. My method for making this toast is super easy to modify and tastes delicious. Take your toast (whatever bread you prefer) and add sliced or mashed avocado on top. Salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle with garlic powder and nooch. Add hot sauce of choice. I also like to top with sauerkraut to have something acidic cut through the fat. Also adds a nice crunch.


Occasionally, I switch things up a bit. I'll throw hemp hearts and sesame seeds on there. I'll add different types of toppings like tomatoes or kimchi. Also, change up the bread you are using for more fun food adventures! Try it on a bagel...multigrain bread...sprouted Ezekiel bread. There are so many cool possibilities. This is one of my go to quick meals before or after a hike. What about you? What's on your avocado toast?