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Wild 'n Outdoors

Welcome to Vegan Backpacker Week! I'm going to spend this week sharing my passion for outdoors and camping. Look for recipes, vlogs, and cool tips for the next 7 days.  Let's begin with preparation. No travel adventure is complete without at least a little bit of forethought. I like to get a feeling for where I'm going and how much access to vegan food I would have. For instance, Joshua Tree has tons of options like restaurants, outdoor shops, and grocery stores. Oh the other hand, you better do a little research if you want to eat past 10p at the Grand Canyon.

Today, I'm talking about meals for a 4 day vegan outdoor adventure. All items not purchased from a grocery store came from Amazon, Outdoor Herbivore, and Vegan Essentials. All of these ideas can be scaled down a lot by finding inexpensive alternatives at bargain stores or your neighborhood grocery. Check out the video below for a 4 day trip with vegan goodies.


Rico's Vegan Pork Rinds: Check out Sabritones for a much lower price point.

Breakfast Tacos w/ Sunrise Tofu Scramble: Try making some bean tacos with Santa Fe vegetarian beans.

Island Hopper Trail Mix: Try making GORP instead...raisins and peanuts. Throw in some vegan chococolate chips if you're feeling fancy.

Daiya Bac'n and Cheddar Macaroni: Switch gears and hit up some Indian flavors with Tasty Bite entrees like Spinach Dal.


Stay tuned for the rest of the week, as I work my way through these backpacker meals. Recipes, reviews and so much more!