Mo Betta Vegan

100 Hikes Challenge

I cannot pinpoint the exact moment when hiking took over my life, but it happened some time in late April of this year. What I can say is that my life has never been the same since. Getting lost in nature for hours at a time has given me a sunnier disposition and a much stronger connection to myself and the world around me. Around the same time, I decided to set a goal for the end of a year. I would do 100 hikes before January 1, 2019. I set a pretty flexible guideline: I must spend at least 30 minutes outside. To date, I have not done a hike that was less than an hour. I started off doing a few hikes a week with my partner or some friends. About a month in, I started a hiking group called the Lonely Hiker's Club. I wanted a forum for my friends, coworkers, and I to share hikes with other solo hikers. It was a great idea that changed how I approached my hikes. It made me understand the value of community and my role in it. I say this so much, but I truly believe in the healing power of nature. Get up offa that thang and go hit a hiking trail. It will change your life, or a money back guarantee!


Night hikes: eisenhower park

When my friend initially talked to me about hiking at night, I thought she was a little too hardcore for me. Haha. By the time I was a month or so into this challenge, I was completely ready for the night. It was a beautiful new observation of nature. I'm so glad I did it, and it continues to be a great way to switch things up and get out of the heat.

For more info, visit the Eisenhower Park page.


first solo hike: friedrich wilderness park

I remember the first time Ryan and I hiked this park, I told him I would never be able to hike it alone. Within a month, I was doing the 2+ hour backcountry trail by myself...on the regular!

For more info, visit the Friedrich Wilderness Park page.


Lonely hiker's club: hardberger park

I would not say that our little hiking club started here, but it definitely began to grow in this park. I like to hike the Salado Creek Greenway. It's a perfect buffer between the more intense natural trails I usually gravitate towards. The paved trail is also great for beginners, people with bad knees, and it's dog-friendly/bike-friendly.

For more info, visit the Hardberger Park page.