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Born in England, raised in Texas, and transformed in California, I have made it my mission to change the way people view veganism for over 17 years.  When I started Mo Betta Vegan on Blogger in 2008, veganism was still considered part of the counterculture.  My mission was to make vegan food accessible to everybody in a fun, wacky, and sometimes ambitious way.

Well, it's 2018 and veganism has officially arrived!  You can go to the gas station and get vegan protein bars.  A-List celebrities and athletes openly share their vegan lifestyles with the world. Aquafaba is a concept that the "normies" know about.  With this change in the landscape, I have decided it is time to revive something I cherish in a completely different way. This new blogging adventure is about my personal growth within my connection to veganism.  While I plan to keep my same distinct voice and humor, I want to expand on food blogging.  Expect more insight into vegan travel, adventure, gardening, and beauty.  Expect reviews and videos. Expect to be an integral part of the conversation.  Thank you so much to everybody who has supported and inspired me over the last 10 years.  Welcome to the new and improved Mo Betta Vegan.




Mo originally began her vegan journey in August of 2001, but her passion for the movement was not sparked until 2007 when she joined a little known online community by the name of Post Punk Kitchen.  Mo started out as a community member, but her love and involvement on the boards eventually allowed her to become a PPK moderator.

In 2008, Mo began her food blogging journey by establishing Mo Betta Vegan, a blog dedicated to themed meals, omni monstrosities, and ambitious artistry.  During this time she participated in multiple Vegan Month of Food challenges (she is still a top Google result for "vegan meat cake") and joined the group of organizers from 2010-2013.

The attention garnered from her writing style and involvement in the blogging community afforded her the opportunity to be an official speaker at Vida Vegan Con (2o11) and Vida Vegan Con II (2013), the world's first conference dedicated to vegan blogging, media, business, and activism. Mo was featured on the following panels: Budgeting and Meal Planning, Vegans of Color, Vegan MoFo Workshop, and the now infamous Vegan Battle Royale!

In 2015, Mo was featured at Texas Veg Fest, a festival dedicated to vegan outreach and education in the Lone Star State.

Mo currently works and resides in San Antonio, Texas with her four dogs and adoring partner.  She continues to make it her mission to spread a love of veganism to everybody she meets.


"Radiate boundless love towards the entire world — above, below, and across — unhindered, without ill will, without enmity."

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